Support for Therapists

Are you a struggling therapist who is finding it hard to attract clients?

Then breathe, I can help you take the right action to succeed in your Therapy Practice.

Join my 4 week one to one online coaching course and uncover what your abundance blocks are and why your beliefs are shaping your reality.

Each module is specially designed to help you uncover the self limiting belief system which is causing the patterns and habits that are getting in your way of success.

You will learn how the law of attraction works, what energy is and how it affects your business and life. As part of the course will tap into your intuition which will guide and empower you into taking action that gets better results faster.

You will also learn simple techniques to help you become focused and overcome stress. This will help you to make changes and decisions easily and with better outcomes. You will let go of behaviours that sabotage and block you from success.

The course contains 4 one hour live one to one coaching sessions with me. These 4 modules are specially designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you get in touch with your own intuition and guidance, simply and effectively.
In addition you get:

4 meditations which work in conjunction with each module to help you to truly transform from the inside out.
1 audio download programme designed to empower you, bring out your true qualities and help you step into a confident and empowered way of being.
A set of crystals to help to bring balance back to your chakras and help align and centre you with your higher self.
A set of Mandalas to help you develop your creativity and a journey of meditative reflection.
Support from me during the 28 days of the course

The course costs €250