How to Cleanse your Crystals

1.  One of the methods to clean your newly bought crystals is to classify them according to their type, and soak them in salty water for three days. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly and put them to dry out in the Sun. An even better variation of this method is to use seawater. Purified water with Himalayan rough salt is a much better option, than regular tap water with regular salt.

2.  Crystals can be quickly cleaned by keeping them under the flow of lukewarm water for three to five minutes.
Beware: some crystals should not be put into water, especially soft stones like azurite, anglesite,selenite and similar.

3.  The least invasive method of cleaning crystals would be exposing them to incense burning smoke. The incense of herbal origin, like cedar, salvia, juniper, or pine tree works the best. Put the incense stick bellow your crystal, allowing for a better exposure of your crystal to the smoke. This is an excellent way of purifying yourself and your environment. My favorite of all time is WHITE SAGE, no matter what form of cleaning your crystals you use, it is always a great idea to burn incense to clean not only your crystals but your environment and yourself! Besides, crystals love Sage!!

Activating your Crystals

Once you receive your crystals, it's very important to activate your crystals. Some of you may not be familiar with how to activate a crystal. Sometimes, a crystal can be a "sleeper", and needs to know it is going to be used for healing or meditative purposes. Making a spiritual connection with the crystal helps to activate it, to awaken its consciousness. You can activate your crystal through an initiation ritual, by holding it, rolling it back and forth in your hands, sleeping with it, gazing at it, washing it and generally handling it. To awaken its consciousness through ritual, offer some sage, sweetgrass or tabacco and indicate your intent for use of the crystal (e.g. for healing). This event marks the initiation of the crystal and makes an energy connection with the person using the crystal. Remember to fully recharge your crystal after you've been handling it for activation purposes.

Enjoy your Box of Crystals, watch how they can transform your life!

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