Set Yourself Free

by Susan Mc Cann
on 02 Dec, 2015

If I asked you right now what is holding you back, what is stopping you doing what you want in your life, what would your answer be?

Maybe you might say things like ‘My mortgage, my children, my job, money’ or maybe you would say ‘freedom comes at a price’ or ‘freedom is for single people’. What if I said freedom is for everyone, it is free to collect at any stage, it has no price tag or conditions it is merely a state of mind.

Would you disagree, and come back with a myriad of excuses to justify your thinking and deny my statement. The only difference between my statement and your reaction to it is your belief system. I belief that I can be free in this life to do as I wish, have a positive, healthy and abundant life, doing the things I love, without being chained to a job I hate, a mortgage that cripples me, or a relationship that clips my wings and controls me. What is your reaction now?

The truth is our thoughts create our world, our thoughts dictate our self-worth, our self-image and our self-love. When you are low in these inner qualities and beliefs you indeed will find yourself trapped, you will find yourself unsure, uncertain and chained.

I help people every day to get to the bottom of their belief systems, and uncover the chains that bind them to unhappiness, and limited lifestyles. With simple tools and techniques I show people how to unlock and unchain themselves, and be what and who their real belief system knows them to be.

They might want to paint, write, or change jobs, start a business, attract a truer soulmate or friend. Whatever it is they feel unworthy or unwilling to give themselves and resent not having, I give those tools, and more importantly the permission to set themselves free.

Today choose to do one thing that sets you free.

If you want to know more about the work I do, please feel free to check out the website or contact me today and begin to liberate yourself.

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Love and Light