11:11 and the New Moon

by Susan Mc Cann
on 11 Nov, 2015

 11:11 on the 11.11 and a New Moon..... What Does this mean for us?


11:11 on the 11.11, holds a meaning in Angelic numerology, but it also holds meaning in many other forms of numerology. Numbers can catch our attention and some people feel they contain messages from Spirit, Angels or indeed some say that they can determine change for us all. The number 1, is said to be the Master number, and a sequence of them or seeing them in a sequence regularly, such as every time you look at the clock, the synchronicity is there, same numbers showing up. Some say it is your Angel or Spirit Guides trying to get your attention. In Numerology the Master number signifies, creativity, intuition, awakening, and can indicate change within, or a need to change. The fact that you notice is occurring has also placed some sort of awareness into your thought pattern. Working with these signs can help you to manifest new way of seeing things, or creating opportunity by delving deeper into the signs and relating them back to you. One represents the oneness of life and being at one with yourself, so it can signify that you are connecting more with your Divine self, and a completion of the past, present and the future of all you have been and will be.

In Angelic numerology, the number 1 can signify a Spiritual awakening. It can be confirmation that you are indeed changing and developing into your truth more. This can mean your opening into your life path more and raising your energy to match. The more number 1’s you see in a row, the stronger the opening can be for you. The awakening to this number pattern, will then lead you onto noticing other number patterns, and you may find yourself becoming more interested in what they mean for you. You could say you are unlocking your subconscious mind. It can signify new beginnings and opening of new doors, take note of your thoughts just before seeing the sequence, take note of the circumstances your dealing with when you see this sequence, then ask for guidance and listen for the answers.

11 is a repetition of the number sequence, (1, 1, 1, 1) and this can signify a wakeup call or a ‘code of activation’ or ‘code of consciousness’ and so can be the key to unlock and activate new levels of your own awareness, this can shine a light on a person, situation or a light within, this awareness can take on many forms, so be mindful of yourself, and ask for guidance during times of change or challenge. Meditate or walk and set intentions for clarity, at the end of your walk or meditation you will have a better feeling or knowledge of what you should do. The number 11 in Angelic terms means ‘stay positive’ this will apply to all thoughts, ideas, and situations you may be experiencing, so know that no matter what you may be going through, your thoughts can and will indicate the outcome.

111. Repetition of numbers can also signify a pattern you keep on repeating in your life, this pattern can relate to relationships, jobs, health or any area of our lives. If you are seeing repetitive numbers ask yourself what is going on in my life and is this a pattern of mine, or indeed it may be highlighting someone else’s pattern that you are close to, or need to become aware of. When you see the number 111, it means your thoughts are manifesting quickly, so be mindful of your thoughts and vibration during this time. Choose positive thoughts. Manifest only what is for your highest good and greatest joy, so holding this thought will bring the perfect Divine outcome. The number 111 also relates to the number 3 which is related to the trinity and the power of 3 is used in many teachings to bring about abundance. It is also the number that vibrates with the Ascended Masters.

1111. Use this time 11.11 to connect with the gateway of the Angelic Realms to the gateway to power, hold an intention to align with your own unity and the Source that lies within us all. When you make a choice to align with the Light, you can begin to set new patterns that will serve your highest good and greatest joy. Set intentions to pay attention to your inner guidance and the light that lies within. You are being guided and protected, listen to the messages you may be receiving and take action on them.

The new moon on the 11.11 is the perfect opportunity to set our intentions to become more aligned with our true paths, to walk forward with greater guidance and a knowledge that we are being lead, and directed in the most profound ways. Take time to set your crystal grids to manifest all that is now open to you. Get clear with these intentions, you may need to write them down a few times before you are comfortable with them, in the full knowledge they will come to fruition. When you have written your intentions, sit with the crystals you have chosen, they should have been cleansed either by running under water, or with the soft ones like Selenite, cleanse by placing on amethyst or incense or sage smoke. Then sit with your crystals and meditate for a minute and programme them to bring to being all your intentions, if you want more love you might have Rose Quartz, if you want Abundance use Aventurine, Pyrite or Tigers Eye. Whatever you want you can use those crystals that hold that energetic vibration, or you could use whatever you have. I like to place mine on a Mandala, or you can place them on anything that can be moved or somewhere they will not be touched. I like to place the intentions I have written down underneath the grid and when they manifest, I tick them off and thank the grid and the universe for the Abundance.

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