Soul Mates

by Susan Mc Cann
on 04 Nov, 2015

So you think you need to meet a Soul mate to have a great relationship, you believe that if you really met your Soulmate all would be different in your world. Your relationships are not going well, you’re falling out of love and your partner cannot meet your needs!!! Are you waiting for a knight in shining armour to come as your Soul Mate and save you?


Well what if I told you, that the relationship you are currently or have been in is your Soul Mate and that you are in the process of a contract that you both freely made with each other a long time ago. In fact you made this contract willingly with a member of your Soul Group, in the time your Soul was created, and all you are doing in this life, is trying to understand and learn from each other in order to develop your Souls Journey.

So let’s get clear about Soul mates and Soul groups. A Soul Mate is someone that comes from your Soul group, whom you have contracted to meet in this life time or indeed a number of lifetimes if that is what is needed, in order to teach lessons and help the Soul to grow, evolve and develop. A Soul Mate will be instantly recognisable to you on some level, whether you just met them or have indeed always had a relationship with them, you on some level hold and have a deep bond that keeps you attached in some shape or form through an emotional, spiritual level, which will develop into either a physical and loving relationship like Spouse, Partner, Mother, daughter, sibling etc., or an emotional attachment through work, friendship or it could be a teacher, or mentor. Either way, they will impact your life quite a lot, and in some instances, change the course of your life forever.

Your Soul group on the other hand are simply a group of Souls that are contracted to you and you to them in some shape of form throughout each and every lifetime you ever enter into. They will be people that always show up at some point in your life in the form of a Soul mate, and as I just explained they come in many familiar ways, but even if it is a short contract, like a summer fling, or a teacher that you had for a term, you will always remember them and what they thought you. A Soul Group will come together at the end of each lifetime and review the lessons learned, and decide if they need to be repeated, or altered in a way that will further help growth.

Remember you are here to evolve your Soul, just in human form. So in effect you’re a Soul having a human experience. A human can experience things a Soul cannot, like fear, hate, envy, death, life, it can feel things on a level that the Soul wants to experience. A human has a lower vibration to a Soul, so we have ego, a Soul has no ego so it only knows Unconditional Love and Higher Consciousness. The Human can learn Unconditional Love through the Soul Journey. Ultimately, your Soul and your Soul Mate is trying to teach you how to Love Yourself ENOUGH, so you do not keep putting up with abuse, from another or to yourself, your Soul wants to free you, it can only do that by teaching you what is not good for you, and what is good for you. When you are in a relationship, partnership, job, friendship that does not honour your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Your Soul Mate, will and is trying to teach you something. It is your job to look deeper and learn from the lesson, and thank your Soul Mate for all you now know.

So A Soul Mate might be your Saviour, your Captor, your Enemy or you’re Nemesis. Whatever form they come in, remember you’re also theirs.

Love and Light.