New Blog on energy

by Susan Mc Cann
on 31 Aug, 2015

Did you know that we are all just energy, every one of us, everything you see or feel or think is simply energy and that energy has a vibration?

Every vibration can be measured by the scale of consciousness, devised by Dr David R Hawkins. The lower vibrations on this scale that calibrates from one to a thousand are shame measuring at 20, fear measures at 100 and love measures at 500. The law of attraction is all about what you give out you get back, some call it creating Karma and this returns to us in direct proportion to how we created it. This means that every time you are in a low vibration, this is what you send out into the world, and this is returned. Reiki raises your vibration by balancing your energy centres or Chakras to operate at a higher level so you raise from fear to courage to change, and into the vibration of love. I love using Reiki for this purpose, and I love teaching people about this and so much more in my courses and talks. Raising your vibration can be done with just the smallest of daily practices that ensure you never have to return to operating from fear for very long, as you will recognise the change and make better choices to raise back to the point of attraction you want to operate from. We all want to change our lives when things are no longer serving us well, we all want to be free to have or create the life we want. I am lucky to be able to help people make these changes and how to maintain them. So what is your vibration today, does it serve you well and if it doesn’t what will you do to change it? Check out my courses and healing sessions and contact me for further information. Love and Light.