First Blog Post on New Website

by Susan Mc Cann
on 22 Jul, 2015

Good evening to you all, I want to welcome you all to my new website and hope you like it, and please feel free to share it with anyone that may benefit from it. This is a big milestone for me, and it really was such a journey to get to today. In just a few short years I have achieved things I never dreamt of, and I am expanding those dreams constantly, for when you learn to listen to your Soul, you uncover a whole new world that was lying within you.

For me it is emotional to think that I could have such wonderful dreams manifesting, and I know now that never giving up is key to everything. My daughter bought me a plaque for the kitchen at the start of my journey of change, which says ‘if it’s important to you you’ll find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse’.

So I stopped making excuses and began getting busy making a life, and what a life it is turning into. The sadness that I was enveloped in began to change to acceptance of what had to be, and the joy and beauty of life took over. So I guess you could say I began to create what I wanted in my life and let go of things that were keeping me stuck and frozen in fear and grief. I now understand that we are here to honour our true selves and the journey of self-love and unconditional love take time and when you get busy focusing on you, everything else takes care of itself.

So this ordinary girl from an ordinary life, has begun to build a life less ordinary, it continues to be less ordinary daily. Thank you to all of you that choose to be a part of my journey, may I always find ways to empower myself, so that I can empower those that choose to change. Love and Light. Susan

Namaste _/\_