About Susan McCann


Always driven and super-motivated, Susan spent many years working in business. Up to three years ago, she worked tirelessly as an office manager in a small office in Dublin. The role took her through the worst stages of the recession where she managed substantial areas of the business. These included finances, payroll and suppliers’ orders and invoicing. As Susan would say herself, “it was a tough time due to lack of credit from banks and endless bills. I would lie awake at night just trying to figure out how I’d support myself and keep the show on the road.

” During that tough time, to add insult to injury, Susan also experienced the death of her partner and mother within a year timeframe. Inevitably, Susan started to become ill because of the stress on her body and emotions, and so, frequently visited the doctor with various ailments.

Eventually, she left a job that caused her so much stress “I left the job because I simply couldn’t turn the key in the car to leave one morning. I was worried I’d end up in a psychiatric unit.”

It was based on a chance encounter when she attended a herbalist with her sick granddaughter, that Susan decided to make an appointment for herself. This is when she ended up at an appointment with Brian, an Amatuzu practitioner who would tell her that she was sick with grief and needed to heal. This led to a life-changing journey, a total career change and a new found love of alternative therapies.

Following that meeting, Susan became a Reiki master, reflexologist and coach. To date, she has helped hundreds of people discover a better life for themselves. Her business is entitled Soul Connexions, a business name she came up with one night as she lay awake in bed. This is a platform where she writes material that will help people heal and feel better as, she has learned to do herself. Wise words such as “keep it simple and look for miracles” are posted across her page each day while she offers added inspiration with affirmations.

Even though I’m super interested in alternative therapies, I didn’t know much about Reiki and its properties before I met Susan. After it was explained to me with such passion, I can’t believe I hadn’t learned about it sooner. Susan’s explanation and testimony of Reiki is that “It has such an ability to transform peoples lives, it does so by raising the vibration from which you’re operating from, a low vibration of energy causes you to feel, angry, sad, depressed, grief or anxiety, but mostly fear of some sort. Raising your vibration takes you up the scale of consciousness to a level where you operate from a point of love. It balances the Chakras which are your energy centres within your body. They connect all four bodies: the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional and bring them back to optimum health and balance, which in turn balances all areas of your life.”  In a nutshell, Susan builds positivity and confidence where more is needed.

Of course, Susan is a business woman as well and wouldn’t be where she is today without having learned a few lessons. As always, I asked Susan for some advice she would pass onto those who are interested in transforming their lives and gaining success and momentum in their lives. She kindly obliged with some interesting thoughts.

* If you’re fearful as regards changing your life, seek help. There are so many therapies out there such as Reiki that can help you feel centred. Get in touch with your spiritual side!

*Knowledge is key. Learn as much about yourself as you can and, ask yourself for advice. Listen to yourself for guidance, it comes in many shapes and forms.

*Find likeminded people to talk to and from whom, you can gain support.

*NEVER give up hope when it comes to your dreams, no matter how hard things seem.

*Don’t typecast your dream. It will take shape, give it time.

*Above all, believe!"