Reiki Level 3 or Reiki Master

This is the final degree of Reiki initiations and will bring you into the mastership of both Reiki and of yourself.

Reiki is truly a life changing journey and will bring greater understanding and awareness to the process of life. Each attunement enhances your connection to source and therefore radiates outward in to all your relationships and life choices.

You will receive the Master symbol in this attunement, which will open you up to a greater understanding of your life path, and help you develop and understand your true calling. You will raise your vibration and in turn this will help you to attract a higher vibration into your life. As in all Universal Law, as within so without, or in other words what you are, you attract.

Reiki energy will raise your vibration to a higher level on the scale of consciousness, bringing you out of fear and helping you to reach the higher levels of Unconditional Love. 

The journey of Reiki is personal to each and every person, but the outcome is always for your Greatest Good and Highest Joy

The Reiki Level 3 course costs €450