Reiki Level 2

Reiki 2 is a wonderful progression which will enhance your experience of Reiki 1, deepening your level of healing and raising your vibration.

After the course you can begin to practice distance healing and you are now stepping into world of a Reiki Practitioner, using this healing energy on family, friends and even animals.

This wonderful healing technique enriches your own healing, while helping you get in touch with your inner self. It widens your approach to life and your spiritual journey.

You not only will enjoy better health, you will also have healthier relationships with your family, friends and your outer circle. It enriches your own personal happiness and brings about a greater sense of what your journey and life path are. In effect, it puts you back in touch with your Soul, the bigger part of you.

When you invite Reiki into your life you are inviting a journey that contains many riches and abundance. This wonderful experience brings healing too many areas of your life and to you personally.


The Reiki Level 2 course costs €340