Finding your true colours course

This course brings you back to you. Through a series of experiences delivered over five weeks, you will discover what your real true colours are and how to enhance what you have and let go of what you does not serve you well. You will get a better and deeper understanding of your true self and how to attract what you want into your life on a level that brings dividends.

This course will suit people that are longing for change or on the brink of change and are not sure how or what they need to do.

The course is designed to reawaken your true self and work with your Soul on a deeper level. During the course we will:

  • Work with energy finding out how energy affects you.
  • Work with crystals using them to enhance our lives and goals.
  • Tap into our creativity and begin to see how it can help all areas in our lives
  • Use different tools each week to help empower you and bring out the real you.
  • Use meditation to relax and focus your mind on success.

In addition you will have an introduction to Energy, Pendulums, Angel Cards, Aura Cleansing, Journaling, Crystal Grids, Mandala’s, Meditation and Chakras.

This course is limited to 10 people.


"I am here in the 5th week of finishing Finding Your True Colours hosted by Susan mc Cann and what an experience it was. Not only did I find my true colours but I found out more about myself in these 5 weeks than I ever thought I would.
It was such a special experience and looked forward to every single Thursday to see Susan and all the fantastic, beautiful women who took the journey with me. Susan is an amazing healer physically and mentally. She touched all our hearts in so many ways and healed us all tremendously.
I am a different person in week 5 and all the other ladies will tell you the same. I'm going to miss going ever week, so much. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is stuck in a rut and needs to break free, this is the course for you. Thank you so much Susan this was the most amazing course I have ever done. You are a truly beautiful soul.
Rachel Clancy

"I joined a page on Facebook called Soul Connexions through my best pal and absolutely loved it couldn’t wait for each morning to see what message was being given to us. Susan has a wonderful way with words that lifts and encourages you every day. She held a competition which I was lucky enough to win a spot for a Reiki session with her. To say it was Amazing is too small a word. From the moment I entered her room she just got me and listening shared and spent so much time interacting with me I felt like I was walking on air as I left.
Sue mentioned she was doing a true colours course which I joined up for.
It was 5 of the best weeks ever spent I feel blessed to have been part of it and not only did I met 5 friend for life there and sue is a wonderful mentor with words of wisdom always there to listen and always shares her own life experiences. I loved the course and would recommend everyone takes time for themselves to do it you will feel wonderful after it."
Fidelma Roche

Finding your true colours course costs €150.00