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webme2Successful people breathe, take decisive actions and overcome self doubt. Often they do this with help based on a simple truth....

We all have the power within us to achieve our dreams and ambitions. Sometimes this power is blocked and needs to be released, using tried and tested techniques such as Reiki, Secheim and Holistic Therapy.

Susan's Soul Connexions is about releasing the power within, allowing positive energy to improve lives, empower people and overcome stress, anxiety and illness.

We offer therapies, courses and crystals. All of them are available through this website. Please select something of interest. If you want further details, please use the contact page.


Hi, from Susan

I am a Tera Mai Reiki & Secheim Master and Holistic Therapist. I am also a spiritual mentor and intuitively read your energy. Working with energy has changed my life as I began to understand that everything is energy and has a vibration. When we are blocked or stuck in a way of life, or have ongoing illness or anxiety in our lives, we keep attracting the same energy into our lives and we can feel like we are on a merry go round and getting nowhere. That energy or vibration keeps mirroring back to you.

I help you to understand why this is happening for you and I help to release blocked energy and therefore bring you back to balance and health.

I love the energy and beauty of crystals, and I use them in my healing for their high vibration and healing qualities. Apart from my direct connection through Reiki to Spirit, I also work with the Angels and Archangels and bring their beautiful energy into my healing sessions and mentoring.

Keeping things simple is my motto and I teach people simple and effective ways to heal and embrace a new way of being. For me, the Soul journey is about being your true self, when you are connected to your Soul and work with your Soul, life becomes easier. You have peace and serenity and abundance in all shapes and forms.
In love and light, Namaste _/\_


What People Say:

"I meet fantastic people wherever I go. I’m quite fortunate in that respect, however, it’s not everyday I meet someone like Susan Mc Cann. An entrepreneur, Reiki Master and all around life-changer, she is certainly an inspiration in the world of personal and professional development. This is because of the coaching she offers to clients, her therapies and through the example she has set to the world with her own life.

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